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Thursday 6 October 2005

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Getting spoofed on the Microsoft “one-play DVD”: so now own up

  • Microsoft Single-Play DVD was a hoax (but whose?)
    The reason nobody called this sooner was obviously because they wanted to believe that Microsoft would take leave of its senses in this way, and nobody checked the original. The blogosphere, an echo chamber? Hellooooo… Anyway. Of course, it’s only a short step from the MPAA’s dream of the DIVX single-play format to this, so maybe that explains how a fair number of people were prepared to fulminate about it.
    Bigger question now: will those who raged about this now cough to getting caught out? At least Good Morning Silicon Valley has the integrity to fess up. (And their headlines are always brilliant.) Now, everyone else, get in line..

    (Seen at Museum of Hoaxes)

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