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Saturday 25 February 2006

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My iPo nan is annoyin me

OK, iPod gurus (for I know you’re out there), sort this one out.

I load up my iPod nano with songs that have encoded correctly when I play them on my computer.

Bu whe I pla the o th iPo th song cut of jus befor th en - whic i remarkabl annoyin.

This had already been raised before on this blog, here - where Ken wrote Not all but some songs I put on my Ipod (60Gb) don’t play all the way through b4 moving on to the next song. Only certain songs, but always the same songs.

However he was using Anapod, rather than iTunes. By contrast I’m using iTunes, and an iPod nano (4G). I didn’t particularly like his solution (using Ogg Vorbis) though.

So - any suggestions or explanations?

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  1. Scott Siegling Says:

    You may have already tried this, but it’s the first thing I can think of:

    If you “Get Info” on the song in iTunes, is it possible that under “Options” the stop time has been somehow altered?

    If this is not the case I would try resetting the iPod using the updater app. Then load a few of the problem songs at a time and see if and when the problem reoccurs.

    just a few thought.


  2. W Cole Says:

    I had the same problem with my third gen … until I moved my music library from my desktop machine to my new Powerbook. Restored the iPod and downloaded everything off the PB. All was good. Only thing I could figure was the old desktop was corrupting files on the download. So it was the puter not the pod

  3. Small Paul Says:

    I had this with my iPod Shuffle, and Scott’s suggestion was correct. For some reason, when putting songs on the Shuffle, some of them would have their “stop” time set to a few seconds before the end.

    I think this has stopped happening now, as I haven’t noticed it this year. I can’t remember if I did anything to fix it specifically, but re-setting the iPod (the instruction booklet should tell you how) *might* help.

  4. Charles Says:

    I don’t have this experience on the shuffle. But I am having a thought. OK, I do have my iTunes Library on an external HD (linked by Firewire).

    But - has anyone had this on an iPod that they’ve synchronised with USB? (Could it be a mismatch of some sort of data transfer from a Firewire connection to USB2?)

  5. renaissance chambara Says:

    I have a similar problem, I also have ‘chopping’ of the sound on the same tracks, they are usually ones that have a lot of bass or high frequency sounds.

  6. Scott Siegling Says:

    I have an external firewire drive storing my iTunes library. I connect my iG2 Pod via Firewire and my wife’s new nano via USB 2.0 and although the nano is only a couple of weeks old there have been no problems or complaints.

    This is a relatively old Gigabit Ethernet G4 with USB 2.0 added via a PCI card. From my experience, the older the motherboard, the less stable the firewire implementation. Particularly in the older G4’s and G3’s that couldn’t boot from it.

  7. MJ Says:

    Change your iTunes preferences to remove cross-fade of tracks. You need to set the slider to 0s and not just uncheck the box.

    If it doesn’t work, sure we’ll all have another go.

  8. Charles Says:

    Matt (MJ), I had exactly the same thought (independently; you’ll have to trust me on that :-). I did wonder if that was somehow creating a false “stop” point. I have indeed done that, or did it while the iPo nan (as I shall call it for now) was loading. We’ll see what difference, if any, that makes.

    So we have two potential culprits:
    1) loading from an external HD, perhaps Firewire HD -> USB2 iPod
    2) crossfading not set to 0 in iTunes.
    Any more?

  9. John Fratus Says:

    Another thought: There is an issue with the header type on some VBR-encoded MP3s. The iPod ignores these headers and so doesn’t pick up the true length of the track and therefore cuts the songs off. See for a nice explanation/fix.

  10. Hamish Says:

    I had the same problem with songs cutting short but only on some cd’s that I had imported into itunes. I changed the settings from ordinary mp3 into custom, using the VBR (Varible bit rate) setting. I have had no trouble since everything is playing fine.

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