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Hey, nice of you to drop by! This is where you can find all sorts of products (well, just one at the moment) from Fungible Software.

If you're wondering what "fungible" means and whether it's just another word for fun (it's not) read here..

iTunes watcher: Version 1.2 released March 20, 2002
  • Reduce window clutter
  • Find out what's playing in iTunes without having to bring up its window or click in the Dock
  • A small app that uses almost zero processor time
  • no Dock icon (it's a background process) so there's more room for the programs and folders you want in there
  • Resizable - bigger, smaller, even vertical (though that makes it hard to read)
  • Floating panel that stays in front
  • Optional progress bar to show where you are in the song
  • Optional display of year and genre
  • Gets as much info as URL tracks provide (which ain't much, but hey...)
If you're like me, you'll have so many tracks in your iTunes library that sometimes you don't know what is on. But you want to get on with what you're doing, rather than bringing iTunes up (or even clicking in the Dock). And you don't want that vast iTunes window lurking in the back. Hence: iTunes watcher.
iTunes watcher 1.2
Actual size! (Or smaller. Or bigger. With or without a progress bar. With or without the year. With or without the genre. You choose.)

You can also set how quickly the program auto-updates using the preferences: iTunes watcher 1.2 preferences

You can download it in .hqx format here (44K) and in .sit format here (36K). You'll need Stuffit Expander to expand it. Follow the instructions in the Quickstart file, after reading the readme.

About Fungible Software and fungibility

Fungible Software is me and my iBook. We make a fair team. I make the coffee, it builds the programs.

I came across "fungibility" in the context of an article about software and interfaces, which is a subject that really interests me. I thought that "fungible" stuff was something that could be altered endlessly - as software can be. So calling a company "Fungible Software" would be an alliteration, which amused me.

Turns out though that "fungible" means something very different; and it still makes the name of the company nonsensical, which I found even more amusing. So what does it mean? Well, I'll let you find that out... at places like You never know, you might stumble on an inspirational word there yourself.