And like magic, Barclaycard works again on the Mac

I thought I’d see if Barclaycard had got their act together at all since yesterday. First, I used the Safari Debug menu (enable it thus; it’s very useful and you can change it back if you want) to masquerade as Internet Explorer 6 on Windows to use the site. Which worked fine – could browse my statement, transactions, and so on.

So then I changed the browser back to “Automatically Chosen”, which should tell the site it’s Mozilla/Safari. And guess what? Works perfectly too.

Either someone had a programming epiphany some time yesterday, or it was a lot simpler to fix than they’d been making out.

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  1. Charles,

    It must be nice to have that kind of power ;-) I hate it when banks do this- I’d seen your piece on Barclaycard, and shared the frustration of dealing with muppets on the phone who tell you that a service is not mac-compatible, only for you to reply that – actually – you are connected to their “incompatible” service at the time!

    The frustrations I can deal with – being told something insultingly stupid really gets to me.

    Good tip too about spoofing IE in Safari – I’ve been using this for a while.

    Hope the folks are well –


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