Correction of the day, possibly week and even month.

“Further to the Orange release that was sent out this morning, we wish to point out that the header for some of you read as ‘TALK NOWT’, when it should have read ‘TALK NOW’.

The extra ‘T’ appeared due to the trademark ™ sign, not being able to appear in it’s [sic – CA] true form when using applications such as Lotus notes.”

A little word on the “it’s/its” stuff. Unix wizards say that when they’re going to, say, delete a whole stack of files they type the command, then fold their hands and think before hitting the return key, just to make sure that’s really what they mean. Would it be too much to ask folk before they write “it’s” or “its” in some bumph to stop and think “it’s = it is, its = belonging to it”. It’s a true lexical eyesore, like wearing odd shoes or socks.