A very nice (and enormous) list of lottery scams from the New Zealand government. Presumably the Albanian government, once they get themselves sorted out, will offer a similar one for pyramid schemes.. the Nigerian government for 419s.. the US government for phishing (or maybe AOL, since it began on their network).. the UK gov’t for sales of ancient monuments..

Thanks to Chris Gulker for the pointer. (Chris! Fix the comments on your blog or get some new software!)

Scams, yum. I find them fascinating: the intersection of ingenuity and dishonesty. I’m still interested to hear more everyday ones; Phil Zimmermann (yes, that one) once told me about getting his PowerBook stolen in an Italian railway station: guy comes behind him, bumps his shoulder with something, turns out to be a pot of yoghurt, guy apologises – “oh no what a mess I’ve made of your suit!’, offers to help clean suit. In the confusion, laptop disappears with an accomplice.

Of course Phil Z being Phil Z the laptop’s content was all encrypted to hell. But it was the fact of the scam that annoyed him. More! Tell me more of them! (Ignoring urban legends like “the laptop stolen while you’re going through the metal detector” – unless it *really* happened to you, not “a friend at work”.)