Could you explain the question first, Clippy?

Another Word tic. If you try to open a big document, get bored waiting and then double-click the original document to open it again, you’ll eventually get a document up with the query from Word:

Do you want to revert to the saved [document name]? Possible answers No and Yes, with No the default.

Except I don’t understand the question. How can I be reverting to something I haven’t changed? Does it mean I’ll lose changes, if I had made some? It’s a really bad dialogue box.

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  1. A more sensible dialogue from WordPerfect in Windows

    “This document (gives the name of the document you first opened) is in use
    or specified as read-only. You may edit the document, but you must save it
    with new name. Continue?” (default is YES).

    In other words, it knows you have the first instance of the document open and reminds you.

    So what does OpenOffice in Linux do? Lets you open a second copy of the same document without saying anything. You could make changes in the second window, save them, then lose them all by overwriting the saved file with the first unchanged document if you save from the first window. I think I prefer WordPerfect’s approach on this one!

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