Why Tony Blair’s new £3.5 million house is like Aldous Huxley’s death

Some days, there’s too much news. Robert Verkaik, the Independent’s legal affairs writer, expended a lot of shoe leather and charm trudging around Connaught Square in London over the past few days pinning down a fantastic story: that Tony Blair has bought a £3.5 million house that will become his family home when he leaves Downing Street.

He and Andrew Grice, the political editor, finally nailed it at about 7.30pm last night. Fantastic story, perfectly timed a year after the Indie turned tabloid compact.

So what happens? TB goes and announces he’s having an op for his heart flutter. Much rewriting of story, to finally yield Heart operation and £3.5m house purchase cast doubt on Blair’s future as PM. Without the heart story, the house thing would have been quite high up on the Today news list. As it was… (And I haven’t even got on Russia joining the Kyoto treaty yet.)

As for Aldous Huxley, he too had the misfortune to die on another busy day for news.

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  1. I loved “Apart from the fact that it is shockingly vulgar to buy such a large property in that part of London…”, when of course nothing could be less the common man’s lot. And is the height of good taste buying a house just as large and just as expensive, but up on Highgate Hill? Sometimes I lose track of London mores.

    Aldous Huxley set the gold standard for dying. Going out in the throes of a large dose of LSD — well, it beats a Wildean quip about the wallpaper. Now if Tony has something similar planned, I’ll forgive him his house purchase.


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