My predictions for 2004: See how I’m doing

I’ve finally got around to putting up my predictions for 2004. Have a read (though I’m not happy with the font – I told you I’m struggling wtih the stylesheet).

Comments here, if you’d like.


  1. Still not happy with the font? Too small?

  2. Yeah, and the whole layout is wrong. I’ve been playing with alternatives but none I feel confident enough to display yet.

  3. Doesn’t look too bad to me, but I’m very happy to help if you’d like.

  4. Glad to see you finally got your CSS problems sorted out on that predictions page!

    Re advice for the year ahead, I’d add this:

    – keep an eye on coming apps that integrate email and RSS. My bet: Microsoft will release a new/updated version of Outlook that will include integrated RSS capability. The key word here is integrated, not an add-on or plug-in.

  5. For RSS I use Rocketinfo reader. It requires no additional software and since it operates from a web browser, I can use both at home and at work

  6. I hate RSS. I find it so pointless. It’s mostly used for reading blogs, and it mostly consists of the first two lines, and you then have to load the website up to read the rest. It ends up taking longer than just visiting the website.

  7. Dear Charles

    Thank you very much for your article in today’s Independent. I read your column every week; although I must confess to enjoying them most when they slam Windows (in a well-argued and reasoned fashion) pretty well any computer-related subject will do. I am really quite annoyed about the imminent patenting of software and I did not know how to find my MEPs. I do now and they will all receive a letter or fax (if I can work out how to fax using broadband … ;-))



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