It’s amazing they managed to produce a magazine each week

Latest victim surely of what we can be pleased to call Spectatorgate is Simon Hoggart, who this weekend was forced to admit that he, too, had a sexual relationship with Kimberly Quinn/Fortier. Good grief, is there anyone on or around the Spectator who wasn’t up to some sort of illicit bonking? Boris Johnson, Rod Liddle, Petronella Wyatt, Simon Hoggart… It’s like Tory ministers in the 1990s.

It’s going to be extremely hard for Hoggart now. As he’s Parliamentary sketch writer on The Guardian and host of “The News Quiz” on Radio 4, how can anything he writes not be ever so slightly (or even a bit more than slightly) tainted by “Is this because you know in the Biblical sense..?”; and as for his next appearance on the quiz show.. It’s like Angus Deayton on “Have I Got News For You”, who was fatally wounded by becoming news. I wonder if Hoggart will just quietly let someone else front it.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes in the inevitable meeting with Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian’s editor, probably on Monday. That’s quite apart from the jolly Sunday he’ll have spent talking to his wife.

Truly, this affair is incredible, in that you wouldn’t believe it as fiction. And I’d really have to look a long way to find someone who now has any respect for Ms Quinn – noting that Hoggart says the sexual relationship carried on after her marriage in 2001. And then she took up with David Blunkett…


  1. First I’d heard about this, and it’s really too bad. I like Hoggart’s work *so* much (he’s a skeptical fellow traveler, I guess).


  2. I like his work too. He wrote a sketch last week in which he noted how he had nearly pitched from the Commons press gallery down, down, down onto MPs last week and was only saved by the brass rail. For a few moments the past day or two I bet he cursed that rail.

  3. You think _Hoggart’s_ got problems? You haven’t adapted to life as a freelance yet. How is anyone going to take seriously after this a journalist who has not slept with Kimberley Quinn? What more eloquent proof could there be that we’re out of the loop? I shall, of course, be instructing my solicitors to issue a statement denying that I have ever met Mrs Quinn, in the desperate hope that editors will assume I have something to hide.

  4. You shuld be ashamed of yourself, Andrew. Washing your clean linen in public like that.


  5. Of course Andrew I must point out that anyone who claims that they saw me in a furtive liaison with Ms Quinn in a cupboard in a well-known West End restaurant will see the full force of my lawyers’, um, something or other. It’s completely made up, I tell you.

  6. Still, I’d love to read the HOggart’s Christmas round robin letter this year.

  7. As we say in my part of the country (northern england) she’s a bit of a bike is that Kimberley Quinn and a well used one at that! Doesn’t her husband have a penis or is he viagra resistant?

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