Well it certainly moved for me

Fun times at the Gulker household, where the bedroom is 1 mile east of Woodside, California. Linda asked me if I’d felt the earthquake when we rose this morning at 5:30. I hadn’t, but she was quite sure… and the ornamental pillows from the bed, that spend the night on the rocking chair, were on the floor. Sure enough, USGS recorded 2 small temblors overnight, magnitude 1.3 and 2.3 centered ‘1 mile east of Woodside.’

Impressive… that’s some one-upmanship, to get the USGS involved. “Did the earth move for you too?” “Hang on, I’ll check with the USGS.”

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  1. Hey, we’re strictly PG-rated here at gulker.com, especially given the current regime in Washington, DC…

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