One right, one wrong … prediction for this year so far

My predictions for 2005 are now on the site – and whaddya know, one of them already came true: downloads outnumbered physical CD sales in the last week of 2004. Most likely because of people with gift certificates for online stores spending them, while shops were shut. But it’s a trend that will continue, even as CD singles pick up again from the Christmas torpor.

One wrong (though not in the list): Simon Hoggart appeared on the News Quiz, completely untroubled by all that brouhaha involving him and Kimberly Quinn/Fortier. And the panellists seemed happy to let it be that way.

Your comments on the predictions …welcome.


  1. A good list of predictions, Charles. It’s going to be an interesting year. I’d add one suggestion to your recommendations list: back up your stuff regularly – memory sticks are cheap and easy to use. Better still, get a CD writer.

  2. Hi Charles,

    interesting list, thought that you way want to surf over to and have a look at Bob Cringely’s list.



  3. Yes, I’ve seen Bob Cringely’s list – very interesting, as he always is. And honest.

  4. Top tips! A welcome prod to push me in the right direction (i.e. away from the evil clutches of Bill Gates). I am viewing this page in Firefox and have also installed Thunderbird for evaluation prior to a necessary purging re-format of my C drive. I will also take a fresh look at Penguin power, I’ve had Linux languishing in a partition, unused, for over 2 years. I will see if a distro that will recognise all of my hardware has appeared in the intervening period!



  5. Have you seen ? It’s a linux distro with a 50Mb footprint – you can order it on USB pen drive, as predicted. It comes with a fair selection of apps as well – nothing like full functionality, but still pretty impressive for what it is.


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