Since I wrote over at The Register that trackback spamming (creating a spam site and then pointing to posts on legit sites which use the trackback system, in the expectation that those sites will point back to the spam site, which will get indexed by the search engines and thus move up the rankings to the magical 1, 8, 9 or 10 spots on a search) would be the next step in the comment spam war, this site has been the target, for the first time, of trackback spamming – two hefty lots in a day.

Um, that’s childish, guys. So anyway, I’ve turned off trackbacks for now until further notice. I’ll track things through Technorati or Bloglines/ Feel free to mention any other blog-monitoring service that ought to be mentioned here.

The other thing: depending how Google weights those spam sites, they’re giving me more push by pointing to me site. Gee, wizz zeez trackbacks you are spoiling uzz, amabassador