Why Orange may have lost this customer

I’ve been with Orange for 10 years. Now, I’m seriously considering changing to Vodafone.

Why? Is it because Vodafone has all these 3G services, mobisodes, and the endorsement of some bloke who can kick a ball?

No. Absolutely not. It’s because their phone masts have more powerful signals – so you get reception where others fail.

For whatever reason, my Orange phone recently has gone from lousy reception to dire. I can’t get a signal by the window in my home, which makes working from home pretty hard. Calls drop, even in places where I could get them before.

Whereas at Center Parcs last weekend the only people who were able to yak on their phones all the time were those on Vodafone. I spoke to one guy who’d tried all of them (not while there); Vodafone gets better reception pretty much uniformly.

They wasted their money on those 3G licences, didn’t they? Orange especially.


  1. Well, in my experience Vodaphone have terrible customer service, only beaten in asonishing incompetence by O2 (who win hands down). The reception thing is also entirely relative : it depends where you are, for instance in parts of the Scottish Borders only Orange works at all (though that may have changed of course).

  2. I know a few people who have had serious signal/connection problems after switching to Vodaphone. Have to agrre with the first comment on O2’s shocking customer service.

  3. I’ve always been happy with Orange, and up until recently they’ve had one of the best networks – thought the actual phone model is key here. So, I don’t know what’s gone wrong. But I’d agree with the other comments here – service etc – and sometimes you think the grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there.
    One thing amazes me about the other networks – the poor voice mail. Orange’s has always been first class. When I call others you get a stupid voice saying things like “Welcome to the 02 messaging service for zero seven eight seven…..nine two…six….one….” It’s so mechanised (and slow). I’m sure they’re all customisable, but really can’t they do better than this?


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