ISP Prime and Phantographics – fraudsters or just incompetent?

Just had some attempted spam from the IP address, which the whois says belongs to

ISPrime, Inc. NET-66-230-128-0-1
Phantographics LLC (NET-66-230-189-0-1) –
(ie to Phantographics, apparently an Australian company).

Google Phantographics, and they turn up at a place called, which records attempts to place false orders with online retailers. (Tighten the search to “Phantographics LLC” and you only get the Fraudguardian result.)

So either Phantographics is run by people who are fraudsters, or its computers are run by people who don’t know how to configure a proxy so it can’t be used from outside the organisation. I wonder which it is?

The thing that’s still so amazing is how relentless this is. You don’t see it, I don’t see it, but this blog and millions of others like it are being hammered, absolutely hammered all the time with attempted comment spam. (I find out when I turn the reporting feature on to see what’s getting bounced. It’s hundreds every day.) My filters are now so well tuned they’ve got barely any chance of getting through (fingers crossed). That, and cutting access to huge swathes of the world that were only apparently used to post spam, of course.

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  1. ISPrime and Phantographics are kind of one in the same – ISPrime is more like a spamhouse and Phantographics is just a room in the house.

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  1. Damn Spam!

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