Dowling on Adam Curry: nailed in a second; and looking back at predictions for 2005

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    Curry is famous for two things: his influential role in the development of the podcast, and his judicious editing of the Wikipedia entry on podcasting, allegedly in an effort to enhance his role in the development of the podcast. But his own podcast, The Daily Source Code, remains one of the most widely followed and it is not for nothing that he is sometimes called the Podfather. On the day I subscribed to The Daily Source Code, Curry played some podsafe music, talked about his new Blackberry – “It’s the one with the new screen, it’s got a faster processor” – and introduced a report on the “mysterious Apple PowerBook audio echo issue”. (This was also the day I unsubscribed.)

    ‘Nuff said. (I tried Curry’s thing once and gave up at once too.) Tim Dowling’s excellent take on podcasting – a must-read.

  • I’ve updated my predictions for 2005 with what actually happened. It’s an interesting list. Some were too visionary (or wild); others, too safe. Comment as you like. Except for you, Adam Curry. Put it in a podcast so nobody has to hear it.


  1. I think Delicious Library came out in 2004, so I’m not convinced it counts :)

  2. So, Charles, when will we see the 2006 predictions? Or are we being egotistical enough to think that publishing them will sway the results? ;-)

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