Seen in email today:

“The European Commission’s proposal to regulate mobile roaming retail prices is unnecessary and at odds with the region’s free market principles, according to the GSM Association, the trade association representing more than 680 mobile operators worldwide.”

Hmm.. would that be anything to do with it reducing the amount of money that mobile operators could extort from charge their users?

And this one, told yesterday on the radio. Read on to find out who told it.

Cowboy rides into town, gets off horse in full view of the saloon, outside which are more cowboys.
He ties the horse up, and then walks around, lifts its tail and kisses it on the arse. Then walks to the saloon.
One of the cowboys stops him. “Uh..pardner.. did I just see you kiss that horse’s ass?”
“Uh.. why’s that?”
“I’ve got chapped lips.”
“And it cures them?”

“No, but it stops me licking them.”

Told by? Told by Terry Wogan on Radio 2. Suck it up, Moyles.