Muse releases new song. It gets mashed up with Britney. It disappears. Forever?

The artists formerly known as Muse have released a new single – Supermassive Black Hole – which seems to have mortally offended many fans who regard themselves as the sacred keepers of which songs Muse ought to write, because it’s got a pop-py beat, and sounds a bit like something Prince or Beck might have written (around Funkology and Midnite Vultures time respectively). This process by which fans become the appointed monitors of which strings you pluck and tubs you thump and how is easily explained: it’s like the Da Vinci code, but without the code. Or Da Vinci. Because artists, and particularly musicians, must never move on from the point where they wrote the songs that whichever fan is at the (computer) keyboard liked at some stage. That’s obvious, innit.

Anyhow, someone did what is described as a smart mashup of Supermassive… with Britney Spears’s Do Something. But all the links (in forums like this one and onwards and outwards) are dead.

Record company got narky? Anyone point me to a working link, or tell me what name the mashup goes under on *cough*file-sharing networks*cough*.

Actually, the “take that down!” attitude is so antidiluvian. Remember, it gave Suzanne Vega an entirely new lease of life (and cash) when Tom’s Diner got remixed. Plus, a mashup isn’t going to turn into a commercial song: who’s going to distribute it? (Oh, wait, those file-sharing networks. OK, then, who’s going to pay for it? Umm..) Double-plus, it can expose you to a whole new group. I treasure my mashup – acquired I think from – of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” with Gwen Sefani’s “What You Waiting For”. Pure gold.


  1. Charles

    Tuesday 18 July 2006 at 11:10 am

    Ah yes! The excellent Mashuptown comes to the aid of the party. It sounds great! How soon before we see Britters and Muse on a double bill? C’mon, Kevin could hold the baby. Babies, then.

    Here’s the link to Gwen Stefani vs Weezer – What You Waiting For My Hash Pipe. Brilliant. And, interestingly, done by the same guy – Divide and Kreate – as did the BritneyMuse one.

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