Roll over, Pixar – Shaun the sheep’s here to tickle your funny bone

Much as everyone seems to love Pixar and its totally computer-generated animations, one has to say that Nick Park – the man with Plasticine and an inexhaustible amount of patience – has provided the comic inspiration that leaves them standing.

The latest output from the Aardman studios, using the character created by Park (though none of the episodes, AFAICT, is written or even directed by him – he’s probably seen enough stop-motion characters for several lifetimes) of Shaun the Sheep.

You might be wondering why you haven’t noticed it. That’s because the 5-minute episodes have been playing on CBBC in the middle of the afternoon, when only those who aren’t working, or who have the blessed salvation of Sky+ (or similar PVR) can see it.

The humour is that classic Aardman style that leaves me laughing out loud; here’s a clip that shows it off perfectly.

And one has to admire how well they’ve caught the zeitgeist – the site offers the HTML for the embedable links to clips, which are in Flash. You’ll have to come to the site to see them, if your feed reader is as sniffy about Flash as mine is. Or just go and enjoy more Shaun clips.

(I suppose you’re going to say they’re all over YouTube now…)

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  1. Excellent! My daughters love him (which makes me want to love him too) and so does my mother-in-law (which doesn’t) , my father in law still prefers Pingu.

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