Just another week in PR-land.. oldest to newest

Spotted on Fullrunner’s “What The Trades Say”:

*GCI* has hired Suzanne Ellis, formerly a senior account director at Firefly Communications. At GCI, Ellis will work on Dell’s account, reporting to chief executive Mark Cater. Cater tells PR Week that Ellis will be expected to “expand GCI’s technology and consumer technology portfolio”.

*Firefly Communications* has hired Christine Wilkie, former head of the tech team at GCI.

Both PR Week, 4 May 2007. (This has been sitting in my drafts box. Life went on. They’ve probably arrived and left by now.) Does this make the two companies even, or is it sort of like Premier League football teams swapping players, or did they do some sort of thing involving music and chairs?

Meanwhile Andrew Smith is trying to remember who sent the first bit of PR email in the UK. He thinks he was the second. (Read his blog for the first.) You know, Andrew, it’s a bit like saying “Do you know who I am?” in the old folks’ home – people are liable to take you away…


  1. Charles – I think they took me away a long time ago ;-) Funnily enough, Suzanne Ellis (an ex-colleague) is doing the same job I did at GCI in 1993 – plus ca change, etc.

  2. Juxtaposition is a funny, lovely, old business.

    Much under-rated these days. I spliced that one waiting to see who would comment.

    Of course, it was a journalist…

    All the best,


    PS: I really didn;t have you down as a string quartet kinda bloke…