Assiduous (well, not really; I don’t check my referrer stats, nor which are the most popular posts, or what Google terms bring people to this site) checking of my incoming links shows that the Deafblog has a link to me. Well, glad to return the favour.

It has fascinating articles – such as this one:

Hi, I’m James King, I’m 14 years old and I’m Cochlear implanted – having been so from the age of two; and I’ve just enjoyed an awesome week in the French Alps skiing with CICS, the Cochlear Implant Children’s Support Group


Fabulous stuff. We’re already past the one-year stage of the implantation operation, and coming up to the one-year mark for child3’s switch-on – which always sounds like it’s going to be the dramatic, curtain-raising “Momma, I can hear!” moment, but is instead just a few lights on a display and a confused, slightly wary look in your child’s eyes.

But it just gets better.