Apple vs Windows: ‘Palestine for geeks’

Scott Colvey Gary Marshall (sorry, Gary!) writes:

WWDC ’07 was always going to be about minor operating system improvements. But the fans wanted full-screen iPods, new Macs, new Cinema Displays, a MacBook smaller than an atom and 342-inch MacBook Pros that hover in the air and fire laser beams at Windows users.


We’ve blogged the Apple WWDC thing and Safari’s arrival on Windows a bit and you should see the flak flying on our blog’s comments. It makes the Sony vs Xbox vs Wii stuff look like a bun fight. Which of course it is. It all is.

As one of the people here puts it, the Apple vs Windows stuff is “Palestine for geeks” – as in it’s neverending, virtually unchanging, draws a huge crowd, is full of people who want to right perceived wrongs, has camp followers who will never change sides, and those who think anyone who disagrees with them is deluded and mad, and those who especially take aim at any journalists who seem to them to be expressing the slightest smidgeon of opinion that they disagree with.

It’s also the link whore of Babylon, and that’s discomforting, because it makes it impossible to have a sensible discussion about the whole thing.

(I expect Scott will write something about it in time.)


  1. Scott Colvey writes:

    No he doesn’t. Me! Me! Me!

    Ahem. Sorry.

  2. “Palestine for geeks” is a superb description.

    It’s a shame that the fanboy element is so vocal, because Apple’s a fascinating firm to report on and talk about.

  3. Charles: “(I expect Scott will write something about it in time.)”

    I, uh, don’t geddit.

  4. Gary M writes: “Scott Colvey writes:

    No he doesnít. Me! Me! Me!”

    I, uh, don’t get that either. Perhaps I’m having a bad day.

  5. Charles

    Saturday 16 June 2007 at 9:37 pm

    OK, translation: I got it wrong about Scott writing it, Gary pointed it out, and so that the strikeout wouldn’t be wasted and could be reused some time.. OK, lame.

    Yes now?

  6. That’s the second time you’ve confused me for Gary Marshall. Or he for me. I might just marry him and be done with with it.

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