Hey, where did the Daily Mail post go from Community Care’s blog?

Martin Stabe pointed to a post on the Community Care blog which ripped into the Daily Mail for its (the Mail’s – come on) attitude to social workers. It promised much juiciness in an upcoming story.

Now, though, the post itself is 404. It lives on, of course, in Google’s cache (no guarantee how long that will last, so I’ve taken a PDF).

It starts uncompromisingly:

The Daily Mail is vile. Everybody, apart from its readers, must know that. But the problem is the sheer number of people who do read it – more than the Guardian, Times, Telegraph and Independent put together!

Many social workers, with their tendency to a more liberal and tolerant world view, prefer to just ignore the Mail and all it stands for. But the trouble is the Mail doesn’t ignore them back.

And so battle is joined, and it really is furious in every sense.

And now it’s gone, without a word. Why? I’m only asking.

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  1. There is a reason behind the removal, but it’s the Community Care team’s responsibility to talk about that or not. I’m encouraging them to do so.

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