I gave a talk at the Webbys – it was meant to be be five minutes on what you love about the web, but the message got a bit wrangled on the way to me, so I spoke about the Free Our Data campaign instead. (It ws a cut-down version of the talk I’d given at Be2Camp, which you can also find on Slideshare. You can see the slides I showed here, or from the embed below; I don’t know how well they would work to any of the songs from Dark Side of The Moon, but give it a stab.)


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One of the talks before me used the video below, though, which I loved.

It’s the work of the advertising agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine.

My wife was unimpressed, however: “it’s just the hand of viral marketing,” she remarked. To which I can only say: yes, but I like it. Isn’t that the idea of viral marketing?