• Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things
    How do you sink the foundations of a bridge underwater without submarines? You build a giant watertight box. Simply terrifying and amazing at once. Rands’s point though is about how you need to think the impossible to enable enormous change – like we need now in all sorts of industries
  • Freeconomics 2.0 – or how Pay! is the New Free! – broadstuff

    Which brings us to the core issue for new content creation – artists may starve in garrets for art, but they still starve. Others just exit and do something else, The main reason that Freeconomics has survived to date is that copying other people’s stuff is the lowest form of content creation going. Problem is, as YouTube is finding, its hard to attract paying customers or advertisers to such content. Without significant Google subsidy, YouTube would collapse in months.

    So where does that leave us?

    Simple – Freemium will work in some cases, there is about $50bn for Ads to subsidise stuff (it will grow, but not rapidly in recessionary times as Ad spend is tied to GDP) and there are some last pools of risk capital left among the rocks.

    But that is not going to fund Teh InterWebz. In Google we (may) trust, but for many of the others we’ll be paying cash.

    Alan Patrick (aka @freecloud) on how the Free model is in collapse. Hey, isn’t everything these days? And how many of these Web 2.0 companies really are self-supporting, outside of V(enture) C(apital) money?