A little more time

So my news is: I’m leaving the Guardian to do Other Things – which includes writing for the Guardian for the equivalent of a week a month.

I’ve been working there for just under nine years (joined end of November 2005), during which time there’s been enormous change – though the principal shift, towards the primacy of online and away from print, was already underway.

I’m leaving simply because I want to get off the hamster wheel of going round and round much the same topics – though I do still enjoy the roller-coaster of news.

For that reason, I’m going to continue writing – there’s a contract and everything. (And just to quench the speculation I know some will try to partake in, this is entirely my decision; I haven’t been asked to leave in any way; quite the opposite, which is why I have an ongoing contract.)

That leaves me with a lot of additional time. I may keep doing things at The Overspill (a minimal side project) and I’ve got a couple of ideas for new books. Watch this space, and of course Twitter.

I was going to hotlink this image as your reaction, but it makes it really hard to read the rest of the post. But click through for it.


  1. End of an era (sort of). Good luck Charles and I’m glad we still get to read / hear your dulcet tones in the paper / on the podcast, even if it is a little less often.

  2. All the best Charles – although we’ll miss you in the Guardian a new book is an exciting prospect.

  3. Good luck with everything, and looking forward to seeing your future writing continue in the Guardian.

  4. Sounds like a nice plan!

    When you have more time you might be able to fix the broken images on your blog – in the past you said you didn’t have time for stuff like that :)

    indie-view.png at the top of this page for example.

  5. Good luck, sir. Glad you’ll still be writing for the Guardian, albeit less often. I hope your other projects are wildly successful.

  6. Best of luck. Really looking forward to seeing what’s next.

  7. Best of luck. Look forward to seeing what’s on the other side – I’m assuming it doesn’t involve crazy chimps. See you around on @Guardian in the meantime.

  8. Good luck Charles with future stuff – the intelligence of your regular writing will be missed – although I look forward to more long-form writing you may now have the time to do.

  9. You have always been an inspiration Charles. I hope you will be staying in the tech space. Good luck for the future.

  10. All best for the future Charles – your days of cat-herding are near an end! I look forward to longer-form writing you may now have the time to do.

  11. End of one era and the beginning of another. Good luck with everything. Whatever form that may take.

  12. I did the monkey face. Use the time wisely (planning the two birthday parties on consecutive weekends well in advance, for example). And yes, more books please. I wish you every success in all you do.

  13. Good luck Charles. I’m sure you’ll do well with whatever endeavor you aim at.

  14. Good luck, Charles. Yes, reacted rather like the monkey but look forward to reading the next chapter of your life!

  15. Nathaniel Borenstein

    Monday 20 October 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Good luck to you, may it be a great adventure!

  16. Good luck, Sir. It’s the end of an era.